Dungeon Bros. (2016)

Tasked with recovering the golden crown of King Blagor from a dank, underground maze, two brothers must battle their way past mutants, skeletons, wizards, and more!

1. Dungeon Bros. (2:57)

In a forgotten time, the kingdom of Ridapool was ruled by the evil King Blagor. Legend has it his golden crown enabled him to control the will of anyone he desired. For decades he ruled, forcing his subjects to do unspeakable things for his own amusement. Finally, the cunning wizard, Geroid Polaf, was able to reverse the crown's effects. He forced the king deep into an underground maze. Unfortunately for Geroid, he became trapped in the maze as well.
Now, in 1987, two brothers have discovered the entrance to this long forgotten labyrinth. Prepared for an archeological adventure, they have no idea they are about to battle supernatural beings and whatever else has been growing in there for centuries.

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